We don’t only produce, we design.

We make fashion happen. This means we help with production, but also with design and concept. There are brilliant people out there with incredible ideas who want to start a brand and just don’t know where to start. This is when we come in. Those are the brilliant minds we want to help. We transform loose ideas into professional clothing collections. Our designers are here to guide you and get you started.  

We give form to your ideas.
We shape them into sketches and technical drawings.

You bring the idea and then we give it a form and a structure. And, if you don’t have a crystal-clear idea, we will help you define it. Once that idea is crystallized, we will help you find the right color palette, artwork, technique, and functional requirements for your product.

Then, we will make a design overview of the full collection to show all the elements we have created so far. Once you are happy with this overview, we then proceed with the sampling process.